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Sewn End Style - Cylindrical, Double Open Ended (DOE) with attached textile gasket seal, perforated steel center core. Filter media is sewn or bonded over a pleated woven wire cage. The large sewn end filter shown has an optional backwash screen banded to the exterior of the filter media.Shawndra's Sewn End Style Filter Elements have rugged metal baskets and hand sewn media in a design that has been proven over decades.  These elements are constructed entirely from metal and textile media without any potting material or synthetic end seals.  They can endure service in aggressive chemistries and/or high temperatures that molded end elements, or some adhesives used in metal ended filters, could not withstand.  

However, with the newest Polyurethanes now being used by Shawndra, molded ends can replace sewn end elements for most common services at a fraction of the cost.


Core - The standard center core is perforated carbon steel (corrosion inhibited) but other material options included 304SS, 316SS, or electro galvanized expanded metal.  Thicknesses up to 11 gauge can be selected for high collapse pressure requirements.  Large elements have solid steel support rings and welded lift lugs to assist in handling.

Wire - The standard woven to width wire support is epoxy coated aluminum, but 304SS, 316SS and galvanized support screen are also available.  

Filter Media - The standard media is 10 µm polyester felt, but alternative options cover a full spectrum of chemical resistances with particle retentions down to 1 µm and service to 700°F.   

End Seals - Standard elements incorporate glued felt end gaskets (300°F max) but other options are available to meet chemical compatability and high temperature requirements.

Size - Typical sizes include overall heights to 40", outside diameters to 36", and inside diameters from 1" to 30".  If you need a larger element, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a custom quotation.

Sewn end filters may also have optional backwash screen (BK, BN) and/or fin spacers (HK, FK, FN, HN).  Backwash screen is useful if the fluid flow is ever reversed to clean and extend the service life.  For top performance, we pleat backwash screen to full height and full fin depths.  Fin spacers are corrugated metal strips placed within the interior pocket of each pleat to promote flow in high pressure differential or liquid service.

Factory Recover Service is available upon request - see Reclamation of Used Filter Elements.




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