From left to right above, SEWN END, ACCORDION, RUBBER MOLDED END, and PANEL filter elements. Each style can be supplied with varying types of filter media.


Our filter elements surpass the most stringent requirements for long life, low pressure differential, positive seals, and maximum air flow in compact and cleanable units. Our molded-end filter elements do not require an expanded metal outer wrap to prevent the handling damage common to lesser quality paper filter media elements. Instead, we pleat textile filter media between layers of epoxy coated wire screen to create a rugged jacketed media with 1/4th the resistance to the flow of paper media. Jacketed fins resist collapsing; have exceptionally high flow; long life (a year is common), and are unharmed by moisture, vibration, pulse flow, and most other service hazards. These features simplify cleaning with air guns or spray cleaning units. Element cores are 58% open perforated steel. These cores retain column strength where lesser quality expanded metal, or woven wire cores fail. Our molded urethane rubber ends out perform lesser quality molded PVC ends offered by many of Shawndra's competitors.

Filter media: (see table) #5 polyester felt is arguably the most rugged, washable, 10µ media ever offered. Our #7 polyester medium stops 4µ particles. Elements with 2µ #51 fiberglass are rugged, but not washable. Our 0.1µ HEPA grade #904 medium can stop bacteria. Our #916 medium has 50% activated carbon and can strip away undesirable vapors. Our #910 medium is superior to low cost alternatives at stopping airborne lint and particles prevalent in ambient air sources. Newest is Shawndra's #907 medium with reverse flow radial fin design, which effectively coalesces smoke and mists without high pressure differential loss.

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