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The 1st gas turbine to become operational in the United States some 50 years ago.

This Sparks™ coalescing filter is used for its combustion fuel.

Custom Coalescing Filter Elements enable us to filter the natural gas that fuels the first operational turbine in the world, a GE gas turbine currently being used to compress natural gas in a gas transmission pipeline in West Virginia. Custom Coalescing - Example GroupThis single Sparks™ filter protects the delicate internals of four gas turbines, two GEs and two Allisons. Other filter elements have been designed to employ high pressure cores and exterior shells. Stacked filter elements with bulk head seals, and dual stage nesting elements can reduce operating costs while maintaining superior micron retentions. Other specific designs include integral rubber lifting handles, one piece filter elements with integrally molded end connections, and patented self contained gas drying elements. Please call us. We’d like to solve your process filtration problem as well.

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