Access Handles Standard on Models with OD 12" and greater.


Before and after, shows one of our coalescing elements and the pipe scale and dirt it filtered out of an air line. (Coalescing flow is inside to outside) At right is a new element ready to go into service.

Sparks™ filters coalescing elements can eliminate mists and particulates from your air/gas pipelines. We offer several media options that are up to 98% efficient down to 0.1 Microns. We also offer media and core options that are compatible in environments with more aggressive chemistry.

Smoke/Mist Eliminators

These filter elements directly replace the non-pleated elements offered by others. They are intended to remove visible mist & smoke from vacuum pump discharges and other pipeline services. They also serve as fine breather elements at compressor, turbine or other tank reservoir vents. We offer not only this concentric cylinder design, but also the higher performance newer low ΔP extended area units. …see our series H filter housings on page 28. The modern mist eliminators (elements shown immediately above) offer smoke and mist elimination in a smaller and more efficient size.

Wire Mesh Filters

coalescingWireWe Call These Bird Screens … When filtration of visible airborne lint and other large particles is all that is required, and little or no ΔP is tolerable, Wire Mesh Filters are commonly used to knock down the boulders. Reportedly, 90+% of particles 10µ and larger are viscously impinged onto the layers of oil wetted crimped wire mesh. (you provide the oil) These elements can be field cleaned and re-oiled. They provide a very minimum degree of filtration. We replace metal ended OEM filters or those with no ends at all with our rugged self gasketing urethane rubber ends at no extra cost. No gaskets to fool with & a nice fit. We can also supply end plates or end caps to meet OEM specifications.

Experience has shown that the air intake filter is perhaps the most important item ensuring the problem free operation of engines, compressors and blowers! Keep in mind that woven wire mesh media is not a very effective filter media. If you'd rather have a real filter with 10µ polyester felt … please call.

Absorption Pad Sets

coalescingAbsorptionStandard absorption media, felt pads, absorb up to 75% of their weight of oil or water. They also serve as depth filters with retention to 1µ. Each catalog number is supplied as a set. The final number(s) in many competitor's cross references usually indicate the number of pads per set.

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