You May Wish to Clean and Reuse Our Textile Filter Elements

Our filter elements are made with textile filter media that are far more rugged than paper media. You may wish to clean an element and return it to service several times before replacing it.

volvano Sewn End Style Filter Elements (which are factory recoverable) can usually be cleaned by soaking, and then agitating in a bath of neutral detergent mixed in hot water, 100° - 160°F. Carpet shampoo has long been used and is available at grocery stores everywhere. A plastic bag placed inside the upside down weather hood makes a handy wash tub that is just the right size. You won’t get as wet as the last time you washed the dog, but it is possible. Rinse with clean water, and make every effort to air dry the element in a warm place immediately.

Customers have reported cautious success using industrial spray wand cleaners, or even a handful of quarters at the local car wash. Remember, however that unless the element has backwash screen in place, (standard on molded ends) the force of the spray may push the filter media away from the “deck” wire underneath if the spray is directed from the inside out. Be careful, as spray directed from the outside in tends to drive some of the dirt into the media. A spray directed at a downward angle from the outside is usually effective. You may also “strum” your fingers across the pleats or otherwise open them while spray cleaning to further dislodge the dirt.

Tip: Always keep a spare element on hand, and you can use it temporarily when cleaning the first one. No down time that way.

Molded End Filter Elements can also be cleaned in soap and water in a similar fashion. To clean the vacuum filter elements from our own shop filters, we simply grasp a dry soiled element between two hands with its pleats parallel to the floor, and alternately “bounce” it against the floor, lift, rotate, and bounce it again and again until the majority of the dust has dislodged and fallen away. It takes only a minute or so. The element has a slightly shorter service life the 2nd time around, and when the entrapped dirt gets the better of the battle, we put a new element in service. Compressed air sprays can also work well, just be careful not to blow apart the fibers of more fragile media like fiberglass felts with the gun.

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