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  • Filter element cat# 324-4610WK5 & housing cat# A10-0125-MT-080 w/hood removed.
    Interchange w/Original Equipment
  • Superior Quality
  • Longer Life
  • Lower Cost
  • Rugged Polyester Media
  • Significant $avings
  • Includes PreFilter Wrap
  • Spray Washable


Sparks™ Filters accordion style filter elements have no rigid center core, and are stretched to fit over a fixed perforated center tube of the filter housing. They provide rugged duty air inlet protection for engines, compressors, blowers, and other major air handling devices. With high efficiency and low pressure differential, their 4x4 woven wire support screen is outstanding in pulsating flow services.

Accordion Style
These filters are stretched over and around a perforated metal cylinder that is a permanent part of the filter housing. Sealing occurs from the permanent gaskets at the base of the housing, and in the hood, or on the plate cover.

Accordion elements are inexpensive relative to their size and area. Shawndra also offers rubber molded end style elements that substitute in common accordion versions.

Sparks Filter elements directly replace OEM accordion style filters on industrial blowers, engines, compressors, turbines, and other air/gas handling equipment. They are made of 100% polyester felt filter media, and unlike many other products, they are pleated to the full original fin depths; providing up to 33% longer life!

Our support wire is woven to width for the standard sizes of elements, eliminating seal damage. Each is supplied-complete, with a pre-filter blanket and an installation strap.

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