R100 Horizontal Pipeline Coalescers

r100option1Length: 150"
Width: 54"
Height: 78"

r100option2Length: 178"
Width: 93"
Height: 104"

r100option3 Length: 218"
Width: 42"
Height: 108"

r100option4 Length: 214" 
Width: 93" 
Height: 108"

r100MiniOption1 Low pressure bolted closure.
Connection sizes 6" & smaller (eliminates the need for (3) vessels in gas piping meter runs)

r100MiniOption2Adjustable legs available

Coalescing Pipeline Filter Multiple Stage
Design Pressures to 3000 psig std.

r100productImageCoal Bed Methane Filtration

Shawndra™ Products developed a new coalescing pipeline filter product (patent pending). This new R100™ series filter is a horizontal pipelinefilter with extended surface area vertical elements. Element service life has been extended tenfold and more. Complete service can be accomplished with a single 3/4” adjustable wrench in less than 1.5 hours.

R-Series filters remove the solid particles and liquids from natural gas, vastly reducing or eliminating service to engines, turbines and other compressors, valves and meters.Superior filtration is achieved first through inertial impaction, secondly through gravitational settling, and thirdly through a nearly vertical coalescing multi-stage filter element with efficiencies of 0.03 micron and higher. Media has been independently lab tested using various oils as contaminants.


r100DirtySumpInternal dirty sump area (below element base plate).

A Field Proven Filter Design

The largest natural gas supplier in the Appalachian basin recently installed SparksTM R100™ coalescing pipeline filters at five coal bed methane operations in Virginia and West Virginia. The first two of these filter units have now been in continuous, service-free operation for six months and more. One unit (See image above) processes seven million cubic feet per day of natural gas, filtered at the manifold head of ten gas wells, to remove water, liquid mist, coal dust, and sand to protect two downstream Caterpillar engines and two compressors. R-Series filters remove the solid particles and liquids from natural gas, utilizing multi stage filtration technology vastly reducing maintenance service and downtime to compressors, engines , turbines and other gas fired equipment.

r100CrossSection This same pipeline filter (See image above) replaced a competitive unit (See image above) that required seven 4” x 36” elements. The new Sparks Series R100 filter with only three elements had operated continuously for six months without needing any service saving this CBM producer seventy-five hours of remote field maintenance and over $20,000 in replacement filter elements.