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Coalescing740DiagramSeries R50- Enameled Carbon Steel
Series R52- 304 Stainless

Rugged Enameled Steel or 304SS Construction

Series R50 coalescing pipeline filters are fabricated from rugged enameled carbon steel, (R52 are 304SS), designed, constructed, and stamped in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code requirements for unfired pressure vessels. Any model can be modified to more exactly fit your needs.

  • Intake Air Flows to 200,000 SCFM Std.
  • ASME U Stamp Std., Nat’l. Board Registered
  • Low ΔP, High Flow
  • Pleated Element Design - Exceptional Useful Filter Area
  • Hinged Flange and Lift Lug Std., Service Access W/O Breaking Connections
  • 304SS Throat Safety Cages, ΔP Taps Std.

Connection Sizes from 1" to 12"

Raised face flanges (RF) in-line connections are std. Alternative orientations and sizes are available upon request. A simple blind flange closure assembly is standard on all models.

Coalescing1480Product1Coalescing Filter Media

Sparks™ #907 media is composed of microfine borosilicate glass fibers bonded with phenolic resin. Together with a textile prefilter and a final drain layer, these pleated elements are remarkably effective at coalescing fine entrained oil and aqueous vapor mist from air/gas flows with very low ΔP. Experience has demonstrated high removal (over 90%) in dealing with 1.0 to 0.3µ aerosols. Other optional filter media such as #926 exceeds 95% removals. Individual performance will vary with the specific viscosity and vapor pressure of liquid contaminates.


Carbon steel support legs in any length, (18” CS leg supports are std. on all R50 and R52 models), gauges, special finishes, and head lift assemblies are optional on any model. Call for information on vessels having other pressure services, 304SS, or other materials of construction.


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