Air/Gas Filters - to 285 psig

285psig @ -20 to 100°F | 260psig @ -20 to 200°F
Series P30- Enameled Carbon Steel  ◊  Series P32- 304 Stainless



  • Intake Air Flows to 100,000 SCFM Std.

  • ASME U Stamp Std., Nat’l. Board Registered

  • Low Pressure Drop, Maximum Filter Area and Dirt Capacity

  • Hinged Flange and Lift Lug Std.

  • Service Access W/O Breaking Connections

  • 304SS Throat Safety Cages and ∆P Taps Std.


Rugged Enameled Steel or 304SS Construction

These air and gas pipe line filters offer exceptional protection for compressed gas pipelines,
air dryers, pneumatic controls, and other pipeline equipment. They are fabricated from rugged enameled carbon steel (series P30) or 304SS (series P32), designed, constructed, and stamped, in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code requirements for unfired pressure vessels. Any model can be readily modified at your request to more exactly fit your needs.

Connection Sizes from 1" to 12"

Male NPT (MT) or raised face flanges (RF) in-line connections are std. Alternative orientations and sizes are available upon request. A simple blind flange closure assembly is standard on all models.

Recoverable Sewn or Molded End Filter Elements.

Classic radial fin textile media elements are unsurpassed for low ∆P, dirt holding capacity and efficiency. They stop particulates before they can move downstream. Select either recoverable 10μ Sewn End Filter Elements or 10μ long life low cost urethane rubber molded end elements, as your needs dictate to remove 98% or more of all airborne dust and dirt. Unlike PVC, our urethane molded ends have no phthalate elastomers or other plastisizers. Dozens of alternative filter media are available for services having finer micron retentions, elevated temperatures and/or aggressive chemistry.


Models P30-0202-MT-020 and larger include CS leg sup- ports. (add 18" to OH) Carbon steel support legs in any length, gauges, special finishes, and head lift assemblies are optional on any model. Call for information on vessels having other pressure services, 304SS, or other materials of construction.


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