Chamber Silenced Air Intake Housings (PDF)Tube Silenced Air Intake Housings (PDF)

Series C10 w/ hood


C50 w/o hood


C10 with “AF” angle flanged connection selection

Series C10 | Series C50 - Enameled Steel (w | w/o Hood)
Series C12 | SeriesC52 - 304 Stainless Steel (w | w/o Hood)

Connection Sizes from ½ " to 24"

Series C10 & C12 Air Intake Filters add a sound attenuation chamber to the design of the B10 & B12. Two sound absorption cylinders combine with a single side baffle and a synthetic acoustical pack to reduce undesirable sound escaping from the equipments air inlet. The straight flow path limits unwanted pressure drop.

Intake Air Flows to 20,000 CFM
C10 & C50 Enameled Steel Construction
C12 & C52 304 Stainless Steel
Optional Access Handles
304SS Throat Safety Cages Std.

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