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filter sideexhaust
filter sideexhaust2

Series H20 - Enameled Steel • Series H22 - 304 Stainless Steel

Three Styles of Exhaust Elements Available

  • Connection Sizes 1 ¼" to 24"
  • All Steel Construction
  • Options: ΔP Taps, Angle legs, ΔP gauge
  • Rugged Design - 15 psid @ -20 to 200°F (non-code)
  • 304 Stainless Steel Throat Safety Cages Standard

Classic Two Stage Microglass Exhaust Elements are time-honored performers. However, their non-pleated cylindrical construction can generate a higher pressure drop (typ. ΔP 2 psi clean) and requires a larger filter housing to accept the physically large exhaust element.

Newer High Flow Low ΔP Pleated Microglass Elements have permitted a less expensive more compact housing design together with a proven much lower pressure drop. Their extended filter area effectively retains both particulates and mist drop lets with removalperformance to 0.3µ The extended filter area provides superior dirt and particulate retention capacities. Oil & Gas Resistant Ends with double track seals out perform metal end style elements.