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Series B50 - Enameled Carbon Steel
Series B52 - 304 Stainless Steel

Connection Sizes from ½ " to 24"

Intake Air Flows to 20,000 CFM B50 - Enameled Steel Construction B52 - 304SS 304SS Throat Safety Cages

Series B50 & B52 Air Intake Filters are similar to B10 & B12. They simply substitute a top plate for a hood or cap & skirt assy. The hoodless design simplifies visual inspection for indoor or other sheltered locations and saves cost on initial purchase.

Safety Cages

These integral safety cages preclude items such as dropped pens, coins, and most other objects from falling downstream into the compressor or blower at time of change out of the filter element. It only takes one such event to prove the worth of this design.

*Safety cages are not included in Economy Housing Models B70

Sparks™ Hoodless Air Intake Filters are perfect for indoor use where a weather hood is not required. These elements are immediately visible without needing to remove a hood, simpify routine maintenance inspections. They are also lighter and small units are consequently better suited to avoid vibration damage that is possible with horizontal mounting.

…We can also offer optional internal support assemblies when mounting large filters horizontally. Ask us for details.

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