A 304SS throat safety cage sits beyond the filter element on all but economy housings. This exceptional feature ensures that the handle or pen you drop during change out doesn't fall into the process equipment downstream! And because it's 304SS, it's maintenance free.

Wing nuts and sealing washer for easy access. Another small detail that eliminates your need to hunt around for a wrench in order to take a quick look at the filter element.

SparkFilters™ are available in a wide selection of inlet and outlet sizes and configurations in both enamel finished carbon steel, 304SS, and 316SS. Atmospheric air intake series B10, B12, and B70 with weather hoods can be mounted directly, or piped from a roof top installation to equipment below. In sheltered installations, hoodless air intake series B50 and B52 with exposed filter elements make inspection or pre-filter cleaning a breeze. To silence excess noise at the equipment's inlet, chamber silenced series C10 & C12, or tube silenced series D10 & D12 can cut noise in half. In-line filters E20, E22, & Side Arm Housings F20, & F22 permit installation anywhere between the inlet source and equipment being served. They're perfect for indoor placement with exterior draws, eliminating the need to climb onto the roof. Models with bolt seal closures serve internal pressures to 5 psid (opt. greater) in air or gas services. The H20, H22 exhaust series can stop most mist and smoke in its tracks, without the ΔP penalty loss of older designs. Their revolutionary radial fin reverse flow design makes it happen.


An exclusive removable 304SS perforated steel safety cage guards the housing's throat to eliminate the heart attacks when you drop your hat or the wing nut during change out of the filter element. This cage has been sized with excess open area to avoid pressure loss. If you've ever searched for the wing nut when changing the air filter on your auto, you know first hand just how important a throat guard can be.

Standard models have male NPT (MT) or flat face flange (FF) connections. Flanges match the diameter & drilling for 150# ANSI standard. Select optional right angle base (AF) for side mounts, female NPT (FT), bevel (BV) or square cut stub necks (PE) where you wish to weld in place. The right angle connection permits exterior wall mounts with gravity still working on your side to ensure an enduring element seal. For situations where you absolutely positively must go truly on edge, we can provide units for horizontal mount with special interior element side mount support assemblies. Increased or decreased connection sizes are also available on any model. Consult us for other material options.


Data above will assist in matching the flange connection of any existing filter housing(s) in need of replacement. Sparks™ flanges match the diameter & drilling for 150# ANSI standard. Since it is not practical to measure the Bore of an installed unit, wrestle with your not very flexible metal tape to measure a 90° arc (1/4 of the circle, see red line) over the bolts of your existing flange. Multiply by 4. Count the bolts. Compare with the chart above. Do Not rely upon the more easily measured flange OD for flange sizing as it can vary between suppliers.

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