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Series A10
Filter w/Weather Hood


Series A30
Filter Silencer w/Weather Hood


Series A40
Filter w/Top


Series A50
Filter Silencer w/Top

Series A10, A30, A40, A50 - Enameled Carbon Steel
Series A12, A32, A42, A52 - 304 Stainless Steel

Series A10, A30, A40, & A50 air intake filters offer time honored protection for compressors, blowers, turbines, engines, and other air handling equipment. They are fabricated from heavy gauge enameled steel. Weather hoods on models A10 & A30 reject rain and snow. Any standard models can be modified at your request to more exactly fit your needs.

Intake Air Flows to 6,700 CFM
Low ΔP = 3" W.C.
304SS Throat Safety Cages Std.
Enameled Steel Construction

Connection Sizes 4" to 30"

Male NPT (MT) or flat face flanges (FF) are std. Flanges match diameter & drilling for 150# ANSI standard. Specify optional right angle base (AF) for side mounts, (FT) for female NPT, (BE) for bevel or (PE) for square cut that match nominal pipe ODs, or (TE) for square cut that match actual tube ODs. Increased or decreased connections sizes are also op tional on any model.

Accordion Elements w/Prefilter

These washable pleated textile media elements are rugged performers. They have very high dirt holding capacity and high efficiency. In each unit, a single accordion filter element is placed over the housing’s fixed perforated center tube. The "accordion" element is cinched in place with a supplied retaining strap (not shown), and is then wrapped with a 90µ prefilter blanket (not shown). Permanent housing gaskets (not shown) seal each end of the filter element.

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