Introducing the SparksFilters™ SPI-5000™ Series Cartridge Filters: Elevating Your Filtration Game Featured

Since 1982, Shawndra Products™, Inc. has been a name synonymous with high-quality air and gas filters for critical industrial applications. With a rich history of engineering excellence and an unwavering commitment to quality, Shawndra Products™ now proudly introduces the groundbreaking SparksFilters™ SPI-5000™ Series cartridge filters. These filters are meticulously engineered to deliver uncompromised filtration performance while offering unmatched advantages in terms of longevity, compatibility, and cost savings.


The Spark Behind SPI-5000™:

The SPI-5000™ Series cartridge filters are a testament to innovation and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. These filters are specifically designed to seamlessly fit into traditional cartridge style filter housings, separators, and coalescers, making them a versatile choice for various industrial applications. But what truly sets them apart?

Expanded Surface Area for Optimal Performance:

One of the defining features of the SPI-5000™ Series cartridge filters is their expanded surface area. This design enhancement ensures smooth flow, reducing resistance, and ultimately optimizing operational efficiency. By doing so, these filters excel in their ability to remove liquid aerosol and solid contaminants from air and gas applications. They achieve exceptional removal efficiencies, ensuring that the output remains clean and of high quality.

Cost Savings and Reduced Maintenance:

The extended lifespan of SPI-5000™ cartridge filters translates to substantial cost savings. These filters are engineered for durability, offering longevity that minimizes maintenance needs and reduces downtime. This results in not just cost savings but potentially increased revenue through improved operational efficiency.

OEM Compatibility:

One of the significant advantages of the SPI-5000™ Series cartridge filters is their seamless compatibility with original equipment. These filters are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. This means that they can be used as direct replacements in filter housings from a wide range of popular brands, including Peco, Pall, Jonell, King Tool, Peerless, Facet, Fil-Trek, and more. This compatibility facilitates seamless integration without the need for modifications.

Applications Across Industries:

The SPI-5000™ cartridge filters find applications in a wide range of critical industries, including:

  • Compressor Suction/Discharge
  • Gas Transmission
  • Gas Gathering
  • Metering/Custody Transfer
  • Glycol Contactor Protection
  • Amine Contactor Protection
  • Downstream of Molecular Sieve Contactor
  • Natural Gas Pipelines
  • Fuel Gas
  • Bio Gas
  • Gas Storage
  • Utility & Instrument Air
  • And Many More

Made in the USA with Diverse Options:

Shawndra Products™, Inc. takes pride in producing all its filters in its plant located in Lima, NY. With over 150,000 possible combinations available for the SPI-5000™ Series, you can rest assured that your specific filtration needs can be met. Products are made to order with standard lead times of 2 weeks or less, and expedited options are available upon request.

Third-Party Independent Testing:

With the SPI-5000™ Series, you receive more than just a filter that fits; you receive the filtration performance you purchased. These filters have been rigorously tested by third-party independent organizations, ensuring that their efficiency and performance meet the highest standards.

In summary, the SparksFilters™ SPI-5000™ Series Cartridge Filters represent a leap forward in industrial filtration technology. With their expanded surface area, extended service life, OEM compatibility, and cost-saving features, these filters are poised to revolutionize your filtration processes. For more information and to explore how SPI-5000™ can elevate your industrial applications, contact Shawndra Products™, Inc. today. Your filtration challenges just found their perfect solution.

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