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About Shawndra


Shawndra Products™, Inc. was founded in 1982 for the purpose of providing highly designed but economical filter elements and filter-vessel-system-alternatives for the distribution companies we support. 



Shawndra™ has developed the broadest industrial air and gas filter product line in the industry and has developed a significant number of proprietary and patented products.  Included are Shawndra’s R-100 filter vessel, a product completely changing the game in filtering natural gas from the well head to turbine (and all along the pipeline); our Threaded Product (a replacement for sewn end elements); our Liquid Duplex FilterDesiccant Filters; sophisticated ASME code filter vessels, and a host of non-destructive testing services, through its subsidiary A&E Testing.

Shawndra will continue to lead the industry in providing innovative new product designs, technical and customer services, and economical replacement elements that are in-stock and ready to ship.


Shawndra™ has ambitious growth plans that rely on continually developing and marketing new, industry-leading products; expanding distribution for its core products; placing new reps for our best-in-world R100 filter vessel; and through the strategic acquisitions of companies that add value to our customers.

Jerry Henry
Jerry HenryPresident & CEOjerry@shawndra.com


In 2006 Shawndra™ was purchased from its founder by a private equity investment group led by Gerald J. Henry. Today Mr. Henry serves as company President and CEO, and after buying out the original investors and shareholders, now holds 100% of the equity in Shawndra.

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