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For more than thirty years Shawndra Products™, Inc., the makers of Sparks Filters,™ has made air and gas filters and filter-vessels for critical industrial applications.

Shawndra ProductsTM, Inc. manufactures replacement and proprietary air and gas filter elements; and engineers and manufactures ASME code filter vessels.

Shawndra'sTM R100TM a slug-catcher, coalescer and particulate filter vessel in a single unit (offering filter element life up to 30 times that of the industry leaders), is a best-in-the-world product.

We have lube oil filters; high temperature sewn end filters, panels and a full line of molded-end filters - we engineer vessels based on your customers' field conditions, or fabricate vessels to your drawings.

Shawndra™ makes direct replacement elements for Dollinger, Consler (Graver), Ingersoll-Rand, Sullair, Atlas Copco, IFM, Sunshine, Endustra, NAFCO and many others. Our filter elements replace many of these brands in function with a higher level of quality.

Our filter vessels are highly designed to serve the natural gas, chemical processing, power generation and many other industries with durable, more-efficient systems that are safer to operate and offer enormous operating savings over the industry-leading systems.

We have significant welding capabilities and fabricate ASME code and sheet metal assemblies with lead times shorter than industry standards.

Rush Certified is an ASME Code Stamp Certificate Holder for Pressure Vessels and has additional capabilities and qualifications for various fabrications.

A&E Testing provides in-house Non-Destructive Testing services.  These wholly owned subsidiaries provide Shawndra™ with the capability to produce ASME Code stamped vessels with lead times much shorter than industry standards.

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Distributors   Designers   Product End-Users

Shawndra™ greatly values its distributor/customer relationships and believes that its best chances for success are to continue to reach product end users through its network of qualified re-sellers.

Distributors may sell in any geography and at any price; we have private label and stocking programs and will drop ship for you; we will never sell to an end user (other than selectively to our direct-to-gas-pipeline-segment); and we protect distributer RFQs -- we will not quote others if a substantive quote is received from you.

Shawndra stocks its standard products so your customers will be able to receive replacement parts at short notice.


Designing with Shawndra products will provide your customers with the finest quality filtering systems and the assurance of economical and available replacement parts for years to come.

 We have significant design support services available - click here to email Shawndra with technical support questions.


We have hundreds of distributors available to provide local sales and technical services to you - please call Matt Geier, or Ben Burket at 585 624 4500 for a distributor contact; for technical questions about our products; or to find the appropriate replacement part for your equipment.

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